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What we Believe.

Vision, mission & Values

That QIDN (Ireland) has a positive impact on the quality of life for those who receive QIDN grants.


That QIDN (Ireland) funds are:

  • allocated prudently to allow for the widest distribution of it’s grants which will aid those who are terminally ill or with life-limiting conditions
  • provided for the training and education of nurses involved in palliative care
  • donated to relieve people who are elderly or disabled or who are in need of respite by the provision of carers and by the provision of support and training to such carers
  • used for the purchase of equipment needed for the care of individuals


Our goal is the pursuit of excellence in all we do.


We will act with courtesy and show good behaviour to all those with whom we come in contact.


At all times we will have the upmost respect for and show consideration to those who engage with us.


Behaving with integrity underpins all we do and leads us to be consistent and uncompromising in adhering to our vision, mission and values.


We are determined to provide help to those who need it.
Our diligence is reflected in the timely, considerate, fair and impartial way we respond to those who reach out to us.


We fully recognise the suffering of many who contact us and we will always respond with patience, kindness and support.

Good Stewardship

We are mindful of our responsibilities as custodians of the values and assets of the Charity.
We will be rigorous in ensuring that these are managed in an ethical, responsible and compliant manner.


We do what we do because we aspire to help those who are in need.