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Application Process


There are several steps you will need to go through to submit an application online.

Completing the application should take around 15-20 minutes. For data protection reasons, it is not possible to save the form mid-way, it must be completed in full.

Once the application is submitted, a copy will be sent to the email address you provided.

Application - Step 1

Carefully go through the entirety of the application and fill out any required information.

Application - Step 2

Attach all required information onto the application before submission (We accept images, documents and PDFs).

Application - Step 3

Submit the application and await our response. A copy will also be sent to the email you provided.

When submitting an application online, be sure to file it in a concise and clear manner. You should go into detail where required. On submitting the application, it is important that you provide copies of relevant documents. We facilitate you to upload these documents electronically. If you are unable to upload your documents, or the attachments are too big, please send them to us via email at with your reference number clearly stated. Your reference number will be issued to your provided email address once you have submitted this application.