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Below is a compiled list of all frequenstly asked questions. If something isn’t answered below, we urge you to reach out to us via the contact page!


The QIDN is a registered charity. It’s Charity Registration Number is 20003265.

The Queen’s Institute of District Nursing was established in England under Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in 1887 and was based on a plan for a district nursing service by William Rathbone and Florence Nightingale.

Thereafter, branches were established in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

The Irish branch became independent in 1925.


Yes; it is subject to regulation by the Charities Regulator who maintains a public register of charitable organisations in Ireland and ensures their compliance with the Charities Act 2009.
Our Board operates to best practice guidelines for governance and complies with the Governance Code of the Charities Regulator.

The QIDN has an annual audit of it’s financial accounts.

This is completed by an established firm of Chartered Accountants and Regulated Auditors.


On the “HOME” page, select “Apply for Grant” and complete the online application form.

Any individual or organisation which satisfies the criteria set out in the “Main Objects”. These can be viewed in the “About Us” section of the website.

The QIDN reviews each application on it’s merits and allocates financial assistance accordingly. This can vary significantly depending on the need of the applicant.

Applications received are reviewed at the quarterly meeting of the QIDN Council.

Thereafter, if the application is “provisionally” approved at the meeting, it will be validated with the applicant or with the referee nominated by the applicant by a member of the QIDN Council.

Once the validation process is completed, the application will be finalised and the money will be issued to the applicant as soon as practical afterwards.

Typically, it may take two weeks from the time of the meeting at which the application is reviewed to the money being sent to the applicant.

If an application is “urgent”, then it can be reviewed in advance of the next meeting of the QIDN Council.

Supporting documents by a registered health professional are required for any application which seeks funding for education, medical equipment, medical assessments or disability-related home improvements.

The grant is paid by cheque.

Any application seeking funding for medical equipment, disability-related home improvements or medical/ clinical assessments must be accompanied by two quotations from relevant suppliers.



All of the members of Council provide their services on a voluntary or “pro bono” basis. Our Council members provide an invaluable service through their generous donation of time.


On the “Home” page, select the “Make a donation” tab in the “Support Us” section and complete the data entry and specify the donation amount there.

All donations received are used for the provision of grant aid to applicants.